Arun Canns
About Us

Arun Canns (P) Ltd is a leading plastic Blow and Injection molding company in South India since 1992 based in Madurai, TamilNadu. Founded by Shri.S.A.S.A. Shumugakani Nadar, Arun Canns (P) Ltd started as a small scale umbrella manufacturer in Madurai. In 2000 the company became a private limited and revolutionized its Blow molding and Injection molding machines. With the current infrastructure, we are one of the largest converters of HDPE containers in South India.

We efficiently cater to the packaging needs in several sectors such as agro inputs, edible oil, food, chemical, Poultry, and pharmaceutical industry. As our past endeavors has been terrific success, we are relentless in enhancing our growth and output through cutting edge technology, ensuring that the end product is with absolute precision and stands out from the rest.

Corporate Overview

The ARUN group is a leading plastic product manufacturer in Madurai and Sivakasi established in 1972 . The "Poly Canns" manufacturing commenced in the year 1992 under the partnership of Shri.S.A.S.A.Shumugakani Nadar and managed by his son Shri.A.S.Rajan. In 2000, the company was incorporated into Arun Canns (P) Ltd.

The group entered the Blow molding and Injection molding production in the year 1992 with one Klockner Windsor plastic Blow Molding machine with a capacity of 1Lt, a color mixer machine and a scrap grinder, as there was remarkable demand for plastic containers in south India for various canning purposes especially in the oil industry (edible and industrial), automotive parts packaging and many more. Later, the company ventured into the production of jerry cans with capacities ranging from 50 ml to 10 litres