What Defines Arun Canns


Arun Canns endeavor in attaining international standards by reforming the processes and materials to satisfy our clients.


Arun Canns aims to achieve the vision of earning consumers’ trust and delight in India since 1992, striving to serve consumers to the best of their abilities.


Arun Canns offers innovative product designs, created using extensive industry know-how coupled with the latest technology to assure world-class quality.


The ARUN group is a leading plastic product manufacturer in Madurai and Sivakasi established in 1972 . The “Poly Canns” manufacturing commenced in the year 1992 under the partnership of Mr. A. Shumugakani Nadar & Bros.  managed by Mr.A.Shanmugakani Rajan. In 2000 the company was later incorporated as private limited under the name of ARUN CANNS (P) LTD.


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